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What are the benefits of shared hosting?

Shared hosting means that the server hosts more than one website, each using the same IP address. All the websites on the server will use the same resources for serving the data. This will mean less reliable performance and security than on a dedicated server. If the hosting company overloads a single server with too many sites to save money, performance and speed can drop noticeably.

1. The shared server is low cost. Shared hosting is perfect for small to medium-sized projects or when you are looking for an economical hosting option. Different hosting plans will give you access to a greater percentage of the server's resources. It is always possible to upgrade from shared hosting if your site outgrows it.

2. One of the major advantages of Shared Hosting is that users do not need to make server configurations as shared amongst the websites or hire an administrator for maintenance, backups, etc. You can simply focus on your websites without worrying about the maintenance or administration aspects. Corporate and professional users seeking complete control over their websites though find shared hosting not suiting their requirements, which is the reason they opt for dedicated hosting servers.

3. Shared web hosting allows those who are not as technically advanced a reliable web presence. This is very important if you want to make sure your website gets seen. If nobody knows about your site it will be hard to get anybody to visit it. The shared web hosting also ensures that you will have connectivity and uptime.

4. You will also get at least one e-mail address, and a domain name. You need both of these if plan on making your business a success. An e-mail address allows you to send information back and forth quickly. This is very important in a business.

5. Another benefit is the powerful server that you will now have access to. Without the proper server and proper connection, you will have a hard time keeping your website up and running.

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