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5 Reasons To Choose An SSL Certificate From Comodo

There are always reasons to choose one company or product over another. This can include a range of different issues depending on who you are and what is important. Knowing what is SSL and why it is important will also critical. We believe any SSL certificate from Comodo is a real benefit to your business, blog, website or e-commerce site. Our systems have been tried and tested to protect online shoppers, emails, logins and downloads from hackers, spoofing and attaches all around the world and with all the major devices and browsers.That is always important, but here are five other reasons why you need to consider an SSL certificate from Comodo for a new website or to replace your existing certificate.

Largest Trust Provider in the World
We have become the largest Trust Provider around the world. This is a very impressive achievement and one we have worked very hard to earn. Being the largest provider of web security and trust means we have a top infrastructure. We are constantly working to stay ahead of those that are out to hack, breach and phish their way into your customer's information.

Competitive Pricing
Many people are amazed to find out how competitively priced an SSL certificate from Comodo is when compared to the competition. We offer different options in pricing on our SSL certificates to work with small to large businesses and with different levels of security required.

When it is essential your customers have top confidence in the security and trustworthiness of the website we recommend our EV SSL. This provides the solid green address bar an alternating information about your company and our name as the Certificate Authority. This shows your customers you are using the most advanced security possible, providing safe transmission of information to and from your site.

The Comodo SSL is an excellent choice for a small to medium sized business that doesn't require the advanced security of the EV SSL. It is still operates using 2048 bit digital signatures and is recognized by 99.9% of all devices.

Our Wildcard SSL offers all the benefits of the Comodo SSL but can be used with your main domain and all subdomains for one low flat rate. With one certificate for all sites, installation and management of the subdomains is simple and easy with no risk of sites having any issues with an SSL certificate lapse.

Customer Service Focus
Not all root Certificate Authorities and Intermediate CA make it a point to have a customer service focus. With your SSL certificate from Comodo, you will have a very different experience should you require any technical support or help.

We can assist you by phone, through website chat or by generating a ticket. We strive to respond to tickets within an hour, although it can take slightly longer depending on issues and volume.

Comodo offers an extensive resource section for all of our customers. This includes our Comodo forums, our Knowledgebase section and our helpful guides and industry-specific resource articles.

Reputation with Websites of All Sizes
The TrustLogo is a very recognizable site seal across the web. It is unique in that it can be moused-over to find out further information about the verification of the site. There is no need to click through a bunch of preambles or to be redirected to another site.

Instead, with our site seal, a box appears at the location of the TrustLogo. This provides the customer with information on the identity assurance (depending on the SSL certificate you select) the information about the website and the Trust Provider, giving your customers the confidence to know you are protected by Comodo.

Our goal is to make your website trusted through our reputation as a global Trust Provider and Certificate Authority. As such, we maintain the highest standards and fully confirm all of our services to meet the AICPA/CICA WebTrust for Certification Authorities Principles and Criteria. This is completed for each of the SSL certificates we offer.

We believe our SSL certificates will be beneficial to our customers. With an SSL certificate from Comodo and the Trustlogo site seal your online customers are more confident in making online purchases, leading to higher conversion rates and fewer abandoned shopping carts.

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